The B Tales offer a range of issue based workshops to enhance your teaching of PSHE. Through using drama we explore the teachings and morals in The Bible and how children can apply those messages to their lives. These workshops are suitable for children of all faiths as we only use The Bible as examples on how we could tackle certain issues, and present how figures in The Bible overcame hurdles in their lives. These workshops are for KS2 only.

Workshops are offered on a full day or half day basis, with one of our practitioners working with one class (no more than 35 per class).

We will also provide a resource pack full of activities, worksheets and ideas for you to take back into the classroom to continue exploring the issues.


The Good Samaritan - Stereotypes and Equality

This workshop focuses on stereotypes and equality within school life and beyond. Through studying and acting out the tale your class will be able to explore and discuss different stereotypes and the affects they can have on others around us.

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Love thy neighbour - Friendship and Respect

Following the teachings and parables of Jesus this workshop explores what it is to have a friend and to be a friend. Using drama techniques your class will discover what it is be respectful and be able to use that within their school life.

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Your Body is a temple! - Healthy Eating

When it comes to guiding you on the right path The Bible has a few things to say! But not only can it tell us how to lead a happy life, but healthy one too. This workshop uses Bible teachings to look at how we should treat our own bodies and why looking after ourselves by eating healthily is important.

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Looking at a different topic in your PSHE lessons? Let us know and we can tailor make a workshop for you!