Play in a Day

Play in a day is a great way for children to work together, develop their drama skills and most importantly learn more of the stories from The Bible. We believe through using drama and acting out our well known figures from The Bible that children will engage with and be more likely to relate to the stories then from simply reading them.

So what is a Play in a Day?! The day consists of one of our practitioners spending the full day with one class (no more than 35 children) to create a play with them, which they will perform to the rest of the school at the end of the day. We bring the script, the props and music - all we need from you is a hall and a bunch of energetic, imaginative children!

As well as a full day of drama, we will also provide a resource pack full of activities, worksheets and ideas for you to take back into the classroom, and a B Tales certificate to congratulate your class on their performance!

All of our Play in Day scripts are moderated to suit either KS1 or KS2 classes.


The play in a day will take your class on a journey from the beginning of time! Exploring how the Earth was created, meeting the first man and woman, going all the way through to Joseph and his techno-coloured dream coat, following the events and characters in the first book of The Bible.

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The Prince of Egypt

From being found in a basket, parting of the red sea and giving us the Ten Commandments Moses was a busy guy! This play in a day focuses on the events in Moses' life and what lessons can be learnt from them.

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Noah's Ark

All aboard to set sail on the ark, two by two of course! This exciting play in a day is full of puppets, music and costume as your class recreate Noah's ark. This play in a day is a more in depth look into the story and its characters.

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Starry Night

Your very own nativity story created in a day! Starry night not only concentrates on the traditional nativity story but also introduces King Herod and the historical events which happened around the night Jesus was born.

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The Miracles of Jesus

This play in a day allows your class to investigate and learn to understand the teachings of Jesus through the stories which he told and the miracles he performed. This is a perfect introduction to Jesus' life and to explore how we can use his teachings.

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Girl Power

This is one of our favourite play in a days as it focuses on all of the strong women in The Bible! Your class will hear and act out the tales of Ruth, Esther and Mary to name but a few and learn from the journeys which they took. But don't worry there is plenty for the boys to do too!

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Easter Egg

Easter Egg looks at the true meaning and origins of Easter. It tells the Easter story from Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey, to his death and rising from the dead. The play in a day is popular around the time of Easter celebrations but we believe Jesus' resurrection should be celebrated all year round too!

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Can't find the tale you're looking for? Let us know and we will create a new Play in a Day for your class!